We offer a series of 30 minute webinars to enhance your knowledge on our products. These webinars, hosted by Senior Product Support Engineer Warren Moyle, include practical demonstration videos and the opportunity to ask any questions you have in a live Q&A session at the end of each presentation.


All of our sessions are hosted via Microsoft Teams Events and can are easily accessible via Web Browser or via the free Teams Smartphone App. To register for a session, please follow the relevant link below and you will receive instructions to join once registered.


Timings for each event are as follows. Please note this is BST.

10:50 - Lobby opens

11:00 - Webinar begins

11:30 - Live Q&A

Wednesday 27th May - Beam Detectors, alongside our sister company FFE

This webinar is based on our Beam Detector offering and will cover:

  • Range overview
  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Demonstration video
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Live Q&A session with guest speaker Martin Phillips from FFE

Book your place for the 27th May Beam Detector session here

Wednesday 3rd June - Understanding the capabilities of Apollo Addressable Detector Ranges - XP95, Discovery & Soteria

This webinar is based on our addressable ranges and will cover: 

  • Evolution of protocols
  • Differences in capabilities of each range
  • Features & benefits of each range
Book your place for the 3rd June Addressable Ranges session here

Wednesday 10th June - Apollo Test Set - Diagnostics (2 of 3 of the Test Set series)

This webinar is based on our loop tester technology and will cover: 
  • Loop diagnostics navigation
  • Short circuit fault/earth fault detection
  • Basic controls in Loop View
Book your place for the 10th June Test Set session here

Wednesday 17th June - Fire Detection in Hazardous Areas

This webinar will cover: 
  • What is classified as a Hazardous Area
  • What is intrinsic safety?
  • I.S range overview
  • Approvals
  • Features & Benefits 
Book your place for the 17th June Hazardous Areas session here

Wednesday 24th June - Flame Detection, alongside our sister company FFE

This webinar will cover: 
  • Why use a flame detector?
  • How do they work?
  • Understanding field of view
  • Applications

Book your place for the 24th June Flame Detection (with FFE) session here

Please register using the links above.