Online CPD seminars

We offer free CPD accredited seminars on fire industry-related topics to help you keep up to date with the latest developments. 

All of our sessions are hosted via Microsoft Teams Events and are easily accessible via Web Browser or the Teams Smartphone app. Our upcoming CPD sessions are listed below, all starting at 11:00 BST. After each event, attendees will recieve a digital CPD certificate.

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23rd June - An introduction to BS5839 Pts 1 & 6

This presentation gives information on BS5839 part 1 & part 6. The hour covers the standards, categories of system, design implications, and pertinent information.  In particular there is a focus on the category of system and detection coverage.  A good introduction to the standards.

  • Categories of part 1 & part 6 system explained.
  • Design implications of category covered.
  • Part 6 grades of system explained.
  • Detection coverage and limitations explored.
  • Audio visual devices.

30th June - Hybrid-wireless fire detection 

This course is dedicated to Apollo wireless devices, a specialised method of fire detection, often used in applications which demand a fast fire detection solution..This CPD explains how the system works and outlines the features and benefits. It also describes how to perform radio surveys, and frequency and channel selection for multiple interfaces. On the agenda:

  • Why Wireless Detection?
  • Applications & benefits
  • An understanding and appreciation of Pan-European wireless standard  BS EN54-25
  • The importance of wireless surveys
  • Case studies & examples

7th July - Detection principles and device selection

This session provides an introduction to those who have started working in the fire safety sector in the UK. It also acts as a refresher for those needing to be updated on recent industry changes. In this session we will cover:

  • Types of systems
  • How each type of detector detects a fire
  • An overview of Series65 & XP95 product ranges
  • Choosing the best detector for the application
  • Typical loop configuration
  • Intelligent interfaces, intelligent switch monitors & intelligent Input/Output units

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