Control Panels

Apollo's fire detection systems are partnership systems. Detectors and interfaces are supplied by Apollo and the control panel by an independent manufacturer. Please see below for a list of compatible panel manufacturers.

As a specifier, you may also choose sounders or interfaces designed and manufactured by independent suppliers in order to have a system that best meets the needs of the project.

You make the choice - and choice is at the heart of Apollo's philosophy. Detectors, sounders, interfaces and control panel form a powerful, reliable system.

It is successful because Apollo tests manufacturers' products for compatibility with Apollo products. These manufacturers submit their products to Apollo's Product Support department which carries out a full test programme. Products that pass all the tests are then certified.

Specifiers can request copies of the test certificates when designing fire detection systems. This ensures that the different elements of the system will work perfectly with the others.

What if the products are not tested for compatibility?

Some manufacturers of interfaces, sounders, ancillary products and even control panels falsely claim compatibility with Apollo detectors and interfaces.

If these manufacturers cannot produce an Apollo certificate of compatibility there is no certainty that their products will work correctly with Apollo products. It is possible that systems made up of potentially incompatible elements will generate faults or fail in operation.

Intellectual Property Rights in XP95 and Apollo Protocols

The protocols used by Apollo XP95 and Discovery detectors, interfaces and ancillary products were developed by and are proprietary to Apollo. Apollo own the intellectual property rights (including copyright and trade marks) in relation to the XP95 and other Apollo protocols.

Apollo will not tolerate the infringement of our valuable intellectual property rights and it is our policy to take appropriate legal action against infringers, including action against companies which falsely claim compatibility with Apollo protocols.

Apollo reserves the right to decide in any instance which company it will co-operate with as a partner in determining the compatibility of products that use these protocols.

Please see below for a list of Apollo compatible control panels. If you require a control panel for a particular Apollo range, please select one of the links below: